February 6, 2011

Hello world!

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This is here for my overachieving friends who just had to check out my new blog even though I told them I hadn’t written anything yet.

Check back soon.

More will be posted


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  1. OMGosh! I was named in your post! I’m so honored : )…. Now, I never classified myself as an overachiever until I blindly followed your link to this blog and see that I am now being labeled as such! I’m so insulted! : )

    Yes, yes, you are entirely right Eliot! I am going to blast you from 600 miles away… Why the sudden post from you about blogs? I think you secretly want to blog away day and night and are just fearful of putting your thoughts and feelings ‘out there’ for us all to see. How about instead of worrying what people will think or how we’ll interpret your words, just take the most pressing things on your mind and type them into digital form here… You’ve been through a lot physically and emotionally. Certainly you have hours worth of interesting stories that we’d all love to embrace with you. We are your FW family. We will ‘read only’ unless you ask for a reply. Keep this in mind… Blogging here helps us get to know you better too. And finally, if you take the risk, then others (such as myself) who don’t blog or keep a journal as an adult (because my private journal as a teen was read without permission and that made me feel horrified at the time) will feel brave enough to follow suite. It’s cathartic! You will have less Facebook time and more blog time!

    So perhaps a good beginning is to explain how you decided on your blog’s name; Crashing The Boards! Consider this not a suggestion but a challenge!

    much love from Maryland!

    Comment by Karen Gibson — February 6, 2011 @ 1:24 PM | Reply

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